Monday, August 10, 2009

Take me out to the Ball Game!

Since the beginning of June until the last Thursday in July Brandon has been playing baseball. Every Tuesday and Thursday... not a single practice or game cancelled... even in the pouring rain! Needless to say - it was a lot! But it was really fun. Brandon absolutely loved playing this year and it was so awesome watching their team get better and better. He had a really great coach this year who never let them get comfortable. Just when they were hitting the ball pretty good, he started pitching faster. It was a really great season. Lots of fun summer nights watching games.

Their team, The Twins, was actually a very competitive team.

Here's Brandon playing third base... he's going to get that runner out!

Brandon became a pretty good hitter and no wonder... just look at his form!
Some of the team-mates... especially friends from church Jonathan and Cole. That was really fun being on the same team.

Here's to next year!!!!


Steph and Zach said...

I didn't even know he played baseball! Way to go Brandon!