Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2 weeks old (yesterday)

I can't believe our little Sophie is 2 weeks old!  So many things have happened in the past few weeks.  I just can't believe how crazy fast time has gone by.  When we first brought her home she was a little bit jaundice and had lost about a pound, but she overcame all that all by herself.  When we took her to her newborn appointment at 10 days she had gained all her weight back and was just as chubby and pink as we could have wanted.  The doctor was very impressed!  Way to go Sophie!

Of course we also had Easter mixed in those two weeks somewhere.  Our Easter this year was very low-key.  Shane did a good job helping the Easter Bunny get some baskets ready for the kids.  I think their favorite part was decorating our beautiful Easter Eggs!

Brandon took his decorating very seriously

Lindsay just loved decorating the eggs and was disappointed there weren't more than the 2 dozen we had

Logan loved dunking his eggs.  He took one egg and dunked it in one color, a swift in and out motion, "pretty" he would say then he took the same egg and dunked it in another color repeating, "pretty" again.  He did this over and over.   It was so cute!  I was sorry we didn't get it on video.

Sophie's first bath was a HUGE event in the house.  The kids loved watching and "helping".  The term "too many cooks in the kitchen" was very applicable that night!  They were pretty good all in all though.  And Sophie loved it!  She just relaxed and enjoyed the warm water! She still loves her baths.

Sisters!  All the kids have loved having Sophie around, but I think it's been extra great for Lindsay.  She just loves having a little sister and will hold her all day long if I let her.

I think Logan is still trying to figure out where he fits in our family now since he isn't the baby anymore.  He has never been a hard boy to take care of, but since Sophie has come he has become somewhat of a challenge.  His hardest times seem to be when I am nursing.  I don't like to do it in front of him because it upsets him (he's getting much better now), so he is left to entertain himself most of the time and it usually ends up with things that he shouldn't be playing in... like mommy's make-up.

We have had a lot of fun with our newest addition.  There have been some hard times most definatley (4 really is a lot of kids), but we are grateful for Sophie; none of us could imagine our family with out her.  

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Well here she is... our little Sophie! She is such a great addition to our family. We couldn't be happier. I have enjoyed having a newborn in the house again. Brandon, Lindsay and Logan all can't get enough of her, and who can blame them... she is awfully cute, if I say so myself! She's a good baby, doing all the things you expect a baby to do including staying awake at night! Enjoy the first of many pictures!