Thursday, April 15, 2010


This has by far been THE fastest year of my life! Our Sophie turned one a little over a week ago on the 6th. At one, she weighs in at 17 lbs. 12 oz. and is 28 in. long. That puts her in the 10% for her height and 5% for her weight. We knew she was small, but know we know how small she really is!

She is just a joy to our family. She only has one tooth, crawls like crazy, loves climbing stairs and opening doors and drawers which result with many smashed fingers and lots of messes for mom to clean up! Just recently she began pulling herself up to furniture and walk along it with the support. She can say,"da-da", "ma-ma", "ba-ba" "hi", and "nigh-nigh" however she really chooses not to say them. She loves to babble and once in a while she will oblige our pleadings by saying one of her 5 words, but it doesn't happen very often. She loves her brothers and sister and dad! When dad comes home she is right there with her siblings in the welcoming procession line.

We tried to take some pictures of her... and found out she hated her tutu. This makes a photo shoot very difficult, but here are some of the better ones.

The best part of taking pictures was taking the tutu off and playing with it!!!

I was giving her a pixie stix while I was taking pictures! This is after we are done, she found the wrapper and enjoyed eating it.
Brother came in when he heard crying to try to help. What a good little guy!

We celebrated her birthday in Utah! I will post more pictures of her party when I get them from my family because my camera died. Why does that always happen for important occasions?