Friday, August 28, 2009

Frog Hunting


We have had quite the summer for animals in the back yard. Some visits from bunnies... oh so cute at first and then a pain!!! They ate all of our produce in the garden. I was calling them little stinkers one
day because of it and LIndsay reminded me "you don't have to be rude". "What?" I asked. "Just because they got in the garden doesn't mean you have to call them rude names." Thanks Lindsay for keeping me kind! Anyways, our favorite visitors have been all the frogs. We have had SO MANY! For about a week that's
all the kids did was go frog hunting. They built habitats for the frogs, raced them in swimming pools, and just had so much fun catching them! Logan would chase after them saying "Come back here widdle (little) wascaw (rascal)" We just have enjoyed them so much! However Shane di
d mention he is getting tired to wait for them to hop out of the way while he's mowing the lawn (he still waits though, don't worry!)