Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mystery Words

Both of my boys have had a mystery word that they use all the time! When Brandon was Logan's age, his word was "bocuts". He would use it if we asked what he wanted to do, eat, or watch. He would just say it all the time. Logan's is "sasa" and he uses it the same way! They just seem to substitute it for anything that they can't immediately think of a word for. Lindsay has shared in no such phenomenon. In fact the other day she told me that sometimes, "I talk like a genius." Funny Kiddies!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Love and Friendship"

Brandon had his 2nd grade showcase on the 12th of this month.  It was called "Love and Friendship"  I love going to these!  They are so fun and I love to see how proud Brandon gets about the performance.  They sang some really cute songs including one from "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" which I loved.  

Brandon got to be part of the group that demonstrated their jump-roping skills.  This one he was a little embarrassed about because he kept saying he messed up, but they just learned it that day.  All he's doing is swinging it around the bottom and jumping over it.  He did a really good job, I was proud of him!

Here he is getting ready to sing with the rest of the second-graders.

My super proud performer!

We had a really nice night and he was so surprised and happy that one of his old primary teachers came!  He talked about it all night, so thanks for making him feel so good Sister Anderson!