Friday, August 28, 2009


Look at this face! It's just adorable right? Logan can be the most tender-hearted, sweet little boy. Since school has started however, he has become quite a challenge. Yesterday, for example, he had 5 major melt-downs before 2 o'clock. He throws at least 1 huge temper tantrum every day. The first happened when we are on our way to pick up Lindsay from school. He wanted to ride his bike, but sure enough he started crying almost as soon as we left. Even though I left a half hour early we were going to be late because he was going too slow. And he was going too slow because he was stopping every 3 feet to cry and scream and howl into the sky at the top of his lungs. One of the times he stopped was right in the middle of a really busy street. He wouldn't come and I tried everything! Finally I had to pick him up, but he held on to his bike with his legs. It was a nightmare! There were about 6 cars and who knows what the people inside them were thinking. I just don't know what to do. I thought I needed to spend some time one on one with him and that would help. It does a little but he still cries about EVERYTHING!!! I am just really hoping this stage leaves sooner than later!


egebs said...

Wow, Looks like you have been doing alot lately. Your kids are getting so big. Ryan is really loooking forward to seeing you next week.

zhintze said...

Not precious little Logan!! :) What a stinker! But we love him!

The Rich Family said...

He is adorable for sure!!! But you are scaring me! Is this what Jacobs going to do when his new little sister is here! I have been so worried about how he will do with all the change! Those sound like some pretty crazy tantrums you are dealing with!