Friday, August 28, 2009


Brandon's first day of 3rd (eek!!!!) grad and Lindsay's first day of kindergarten (double eek!!!) went without a hitch! They were both very excited. We met their teachers the night before and had back to school night Wednesday and I am really thrilled about their teachers this year. I think Lindsay's is going to be perfect for her and same with Brandon's. It's been nice getting back into a schedule although I already miss having them home ( and under my control) all the time!

Riding to school is something Lindsay has been looking forward to since we started last year with Brandon.

This is actually Lindsay's second day.

1st day in class! She is one excited Kindergartner! I didn't think she was going let me walk her in!!! She was just ready to go. I had to call her back to me and she told me she was going to go by herself. I told her, "Oh no you're not! It's my right as your mother to walk you to class on your first day!" Thank goodness she let me!

Cool Dude! He was super excited about getting a back pack that slung over his shoulder.

2nd day of school.


Melissa said...

Hooray for school! LOVE that last picture of Brandon; seriously, is he posing for a magazine or something? ;) Such cute kids. Hope K and 3rd grade go well.

Steph and Zach said...

They are getting so old. Cute hair cut Lindsay!