Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Throwing UP!

With the exception of Brandon all the kids are SICK and throwing up. Tis no fun... tis no fun. About 20 minutes ago after Logan's last episode, I got to thinking about how they are all doing basically the same thing and yet they do it SO differently. For example. Logan does NOT want to throw up. He (and this is really gross) cries and keeps swallowing it until the force is just too strong and it pushes it's way up through his closed mouth... making it come out his nose and everything. (I told you it was gross). Poor little Sophie just doesn't understand what's happening and wants to be cuddled and held. She's not "good" at throwing up yet and it requires a change of clothes (hers and mine) almost every time it happens. And Lindsay is very quiet about the whole thing. She just gets up and quietly throws up in the toilet (or on the way) and then apologizes for the mess and tries to tell me she doesn't really think she's that sick. 5 minutes later she's throwing up again... and without my knowledge because of how quiet and discreet she is about it. The term "suffering in silence" is NOT in Brandon's repertoire and he screams.... really screams for about 10 -15 minutes with his head hanging over the toilet bowl. And in between his throwing up he questions life and why can't he just have his resurrected body now.

I don't know why, but it just struck me as interesting. So many ways to do the same thing. Huh.

At least I didn't post any pictures!