Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What a crackup!

Lindsay has been crackin' us up lately! I can't believe some of the things she says. We had Purple Cows last night (a grape milkshake) she made a grossed out face and looked at Shane. "Dad, I think you did something wrong, because this does NOT taste right!"

Then again she had a funny little conversation with Shane.

"Dad, did you know Mom's going to have 5 kids?"
"Did you know Mom's going to have 5 kids?"
"Did she tell you to say that?"
"Well, why are you saying it?"
"I don't know something just told me to say it."


Lindsay, "I thought you knew because you're the smartest guy in the whole world."

She has also become quite the little food critic. Everything I make lately she wants to play "Iron Chef" so she of course is always the judge giving critics like... "Perhaps a little more salt would have made it better." And "I think if you had stirred it a little longer that would make it smoother." So as you can imagine I have been feeling a little sensitive about my cooking. So for breakfast the other day we had bagels. Lindsay LOVES bagels... she would eat them for every meal every day if she could but I was excited because I knew I couldn't screw up bagels! I walk over very proudly and give it to her and she looks at it.... "I think if you didn't spread the cream cheese so chunky I would like it better." SHEESH! I give up!

She is our sweet quirky little 6 year old and I'm so happy she's in our family!