Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Oh lovely night! We had so much fun going to Wicked!!!! I have adored this play for a while now.... at least 3 years and when I found out it was coming to Denver, I made it very known that I wanted Shane to take me. He took the hint, good boy that he is, and we got tickets!!!!

We had a wonderful night. We went to dinner at Maggiano's with friends. We were running quite late! Poor Shane was so stressed out that whole time about the time and who can blame him? He was so funny, checking his watch every minute (literally EVERY minute!) I think I would probably have been more concerned as well but I knew I would see the beginning the next night (How selfish is that???). So because we were running late we were running to the theater when Micaela stopped a pedi-cab! "Come on, you guys! Get in!" We took one look at that little cart and the little dude pedaling the cart and almost walked away until the biker to
ld us he could indeed carry all FOUR of us to the theater (Don't worry, we gave him a NICE tip!). As hard as his little legs peddled, and as many times as we thought we were going to capsize that little cart from taking fast corners, it was to no avail. We did not make it in time for the beginning of the show, but we had a good time getting there!

The show was everything I could have wanted it to be. My cheeks hurt from smiling all night long.

Since my mom was in town (also going to Wicked) we had her babysit. Grandma's make the very BEST babysitters!

My little sister was supposed to come with my mom, but she got sick and so I got lucky and went again to Wicked the very next night. We were in the very very back, but i
t was still wonderful. In fact, I think the performance that night was better than Thursday night's performance. The actors just seemed to be way more into it. It was so wonderful to spend a night with my dear dear husband and then a night with my wonderful mother! It was awesome. Thanks Shane and Mom for indulging my obsession with Wicked!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So I know this is a tad early, but one of my FAVORITE things about the holidays is Christmas music. Few genres make me more happy than Christmas music! Anyways, I have found a gem. I saw this and knew of some friends who liked the group so I thought I would try it out!

OH MY GOSH!!! It's so beautiful and wonderful!!!!! I can't wait for the season to officially begin so I can feel ok about listening to this cd over and over and over and over and over and over.......... Get it my friends... GET IT!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Happenings

So, I can't get it in order, but here are some pictures from our Halloween weekend. We had a lot of fun. Lindsay had a party at school that Logan was able to attend. He just loved loved loved being there and Lindsay was so cute with him. She was very very attentive and took good care of him. We were able to go to Brandon's parade a little later in the afternoon and then our ward "Trunk-or-Treat" that night. The next day was Halloween! A lot of sugar in a little amount of time... needless to say the kids have been having a ball and I admit... it hasn't been too hard for me to deal with either ;)

treak or treating, Sophie just got to hang out in the stroller which she was only happy about for about 1/2 hour.

Our Little Witch

Lightening McQueen! As we were trick-or-treating he was "driving" from house to house making the car noises and everything. It was really fun to watch him enjoy his costume so much!

I love Brandon's face in this picture... it just sums up everything!

Brandon was the Avatar for Halloween. This was the first time I attempted to make a costume and it caused me a HUGE amount of aggravation! It did, however, make me want to learn to sew. I had one particularly hard night and was complaining out loud. Brandon was so cute, "Mom, it's o.k. I don't have to be the Avatar, I can just be a baseball player for Halloween... I mean we already have all the stuff anyways." Awwww... cute! It did teach me a lesson though. Next time I'm working on a project for my kids, I will not complain about it while they are around!

Uncle Robert!

We had a fun visit with my brother Robert about a week ago. He was in Loveland with Weber State's football team and so we went and picked him up! It was a fun few hours for us. Brandon graced us with a performance with his recorder he brought home from school that day and we made cupcakes. Logan was HILARIOUS with his! What a fun time!

Gotta love those black sprinkles!

Bathing Beauty!

Bathing Sophie is becoming a challenge and this is why... she can't keep her toes out of her mouth! What a cutie!


We busted out the high chair for Sophie this week! She seems to like it and it's nice to have somewhere to put her while she makes a mess of crackers and I get dinner ready! She's growing up too fast!