Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Do moms really matter?

I often struggle with feeling like what I do matters. That I am not very accomplished or somehow less than those who have achievements outside the home. I know being a mother is one of the most divine callings Heavenly Father could give to his daughters.... deep down I know that, but when the monotony of days and weeks go by, I can't help but slip back into my former thoughts. I try not to do this... but it does happen occasionally. Then yesterday I read something that for some reason "clicked". Anna Quindlen who is a Pulitzer Prize winner wrote in her book, Loud and Clear,

"if we stop to think what we do, really do, we are building for the centuries. We are building character, and tradition, and values, which meander like a river into the distance and out of our sight, but on and on and on."

So even though I may not feel like my work is important from time to time.... it is. Even though I have no paycheck to show for my work, even though no boss or supervisor will ever compliment, promote, or give me a bonus because I am doing a good job, I am doing the Lord's work. And it will affect generations to come. All of us who are mothers, whether to our own children or nieces, nefews, cousins, friends, neighbors and on and on, have an incredible power for good. If we don't take the time we have now to instill worthwhile values and teach our little ones things that are good and beautiful and praiseworthy who will? The world? That's a guaranteed no.

So with all these thoughts I was having yesterday I was feeling really emotional, and then something happened that was the straw breaking the camel's back.

If you have a child in school, you know when they get home, you go through their backpack together to see the homework, notes from teachers, etc. Well, Brandon put this litte note in the bottom of his bag for me to find. It's of me and him. And I knew, I do matter! Mothers matter! I taped this little reminder to my fridge so I can remember how important we mothers truly are.


Santa brought Brandon some legos for Christmas and we have been enjoying them! Everyone has been getting in the action... Brandon LOVES building them and LOVES playing with the finished project even more. Lindsay and Logan both love to "help", Shane likes helping the kids and even I have really started liking it! We have found a new family hobby! And did you know, there is a LegoLand? I think we have found our next vacation!!!

Cheerios... good to the very last drop!

Logan is a morning eater. He eats and eats and eats and after breakfast is over, he is ready to eat again within half and hour. And every mornging we have Cheerios for breakfast (or any other cereal) he makes sure to get every single drop he can! It's one of my favorite things right now!