Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Brandon, Lindsay and I had the opportunity to go see the Nutcracker with some very dear friends on the 3rd of this month. I had never seen it so it was so fun. The night was unforgettable. Lindsay was so excited about the whole thing. She wanted to go to a "romantic restaurant for dates." We went to Carino's and she was so good. I loved watching her fix her silverware and napkin and wait so patiently for her food and then use her best manners at dinner. She was in heaven the whole night. My Brandon on the other hand. He was really well behaved for the most part. During the ballet which he really did like, he pretended to be asleep and would snort as he "woke up suddenly". It was a night filled with lots of laughter, choking on crayons, a train that we had a hard time ditching and wet pants mixed in with a little lateness. It was such a fun night, one that will be fixed in my memory forever. And Shane was so wonderful. Not only did he stay home with our younger kids who were too young to go, he also watched our friend's son. Truly truly I had such a blast!! I wouldn't have changed a single thing about the night!

waiting for our friends to come pick us up.
Lindsay and I during intermission. She was bouncing up and down in her seat the whole first half. I kept asking her if she had to go to the bathroom, but she always said no. At intermission she told me she was bouncing because she was having so much fun!

our favorites were the Waltz of the Snowflakes and the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

We decided since Logan and Sophie didn't get to go, we would bring them home with a little souvenir. Yes, Sophie broke the foot off her ballerina the next morning. (sigh)

Naughty AND Nice

Sophie. What can one say about this girl right now? She is destructive. She is kind. She breaks everything around her. She's sweet. I can't keep up with her! She will ask me to cuddle and "have a book". She's both naughty and nice. If it can be emptied, dumped out, ripped, broken Sophie will do it. And it's always on purpose. And she's not ashamed. "Sophie!!! Did you break this ornament?" She will always reply, "yes. Sorry mom." She has broken so many of our Christmas decorations this year!!! She's a destructive little tornado right now!! ON the other hand, she has been so sweet, and kind and thoughtful to everyone in the family. She'll bring drinks to people, give hugs and kisses and she's very obedient. What to do?? I just hope this stage of breaking everything around her will soon pass because in every other way she's just a joy.

Take my picture!!

The kids love having their pictures taken, especially with Peter. These are my favorites from a few days ago.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Forever Family

Our first family picture. It's not easy getting 7 people to look good at the same time!

First Haircut

Peter was born with lots of hair. It stood straight up and he got comments where ever we went. It soon started lightening up and falling out. He had a severe comb-over look and I thought about cutting it, but I just couldn't!!!! I've never had a hard time doing things like this, but with my last all these things are so bittersweet. On our trip to Utah my brothers in law were giving me a hard time teasing that if I would just step out of the room they'd take care of it for me. It was all in good fun, but it was the final push I needed to go ahead and just get it done.



He looks a little traumatized, but it went really smoothly. Not a single tear was spilled. From Peter anyway.

First Meeting

I already shared Peter's story and now for some pictures of the first the kids met their brother.

I already shared Peter's story and now for some pictures of the first the kids met their brother.

Peter's Story.

I know I know, it's a little late. I mean he turned 6 months today! 6MONTHS!!! I blinked and he's almost sitting up all by himself. He's tried rice cereal, bananas, and peas. He's not a fan of any of it, but seems to tolerate the cereal best. He will not take a bottle unless there's water in it. He loves rattles and his bird toy. For the past half year Peter has been the cause of many many many hours of lost sleep and frustration, but he has also been the primary cause for joy and laughter. He is SUCH a social boy. He's happiest when being held, played with and loved on. It works out well that he has plenty of people in his family who love to give him that attention. As hard as he's been I wouldn't trade a single second of the past 6 months for anything. As time passes, memories fade and I wanted to record the story of Peter's birth before I forget too much.

Peter's story actually begins with the birth of Sophie. While I was in the hospital with her I kept thinking to myself, "I only have to do this one more time." One more time checking in to have a baby, one more epidural, one more delivery. It was actually really bothering me. I was fighting with myself the whole time, "Will you just shut up?? Concentrate on this. Forget the future, just focus on THIS time." I was able to tuck these thoughts away for a while. Shane was happy with our family the way it was. I felt bad, but I never forgot those feelings in the hospital with Sophie. I knew we had one more to go, and I wasn't ready to talk with Shane about it yet.

Over a year went by and my good friend Melissa had a baby. She wrote a beautiful little post about her family being "all together now"
"With Mason's arrival, we're All Together Now. And when we're working, we work all together now. When we play, we play all together now. With this blog, our stories and photos are all together now. And what we are striving for is to be able to say, in the hereafter, that once again we're all together now, and forever."

Well, I read this and felt such an amazing confirmation that it was time for my family to be all together again. I've never been nervous about telling Shane when I want to have another baby, and I wasn't really nervous about doing it this time. Maybe a tiny bit apprehensive. I knew he would be supportive and I knew that deep down he knew there was one more as well. But I also knew that it would take a lot of faith for him to get comfortable with the idea of jumping from 4 to 5 little ones.

Needless to say things went my way :) and when I was about 8 moths pregnant Shane said to me, "I think I'm finally excited about this little one."

I had my first braxton hicks with Peter when I was only 20 weeks. It freaked me out. I thought it was way too early, but my doctor said that it's actually very common for women to experience them early when they are pregnant with any number after 4. When I was 6 months I started having real contractions. They weren't painful, but they were very consistent. Every night between about 7 and 10 or 11 when I went to bed I would experience contractions. The further along I progressed the stronger they became and I had a couple of scary nights around 32 weeks when I didn't think they would stop and I was going to have my baby way too early.

I have never experienced misery like I did while being pregnant with Peter. I was so uncomfortable, swollen, tight. Just breathing was hard let alone take care of my 4 other children who needed me and didn't like for me to take naps (Logan.). I had horrible headaches, was in the bathroom 24 times a day, couldn't sleep. My arms and hands went numb all night and were very painful all morning every morning. It was just awful and I began hoping I would have the baby early. I was around 35 weeks when I started hoping we would just go ahead and get it over with! The only thing getting me through my days and weeks left was the fact I knew I would NEVER have to do this again.

When the night finally did come we ended up having to call our good friends the Watts. She was wonderful and came over at 1 in the morning to stay with my kids and then take them all day until my mom arrived from Utah.

They checked me right away when I got to the hospital and I was at a 6 and 60% effaced! But they baby was still very very high. They wanted to measure my contractions and the second I got hooked up to the monitor the contractions stopped. Completely. I was devastated until they assured me I wasn't going anywhere even if the contractions had stopped. I got out of bed and walked around, and bounced on the birthing ball, all in hopes of starting the contractions again and bringing the baby down. When the doctor came in an hour later to check, she announced I was at an 8! My heart leaped and my stomach turned knots. On one hand I was completely excited that I was going to experience a magical birth with no pain!!! On the other hand an 8, I always thought, was too far along for an epidural. The baby was still too high. I wanted the doctor to break my water because that's all it takes for me to get going. They started me on PIT instead because the doctor was afraid the baby was too high and would come down too fast or something, I didn't really understand. Even with PIT nothing was really happening. When my own doctor came in the morning he expressed his concerns, which were many. I just kept hoping he would say he'd break my water. He did and upped the dose of medicine. This was right before 8 am. He also said I wasn't at an 8 but still at a 6. What? Weird. But it helped him feel much better about things. Things started getting very painful very quickly, honestly even with an epidural I don't know how it could have hurt worst. Again, the only thing that got me through was the fact that I knew this was the VERY LAST time doing this. I was gratefully surprised by how Shane seemed to know exactly what to do and how to act. I guess after 4, he was an expert. He was really great and I needed his support to help me cope. 3 hours later it was time. The doctor came and wanted me to push. I did and I heard a "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop pushing!" Was he serious? 10 seconds later, "Okay, now give me like half a push." Half a push? What's half a push? Okay.... and out came Peter. "It's a boy!" they announced and Shane and I were not surprised in the slightest. Peter. Peter William. He was here. Finally.

I was a mess. I've never felt so relieved in all my life. From the instant release of pain and from the realization that I was DONE. Since living together and loving eachother in heaven, my family was here. We would live and love together again. There are few greater blessings than having your family who knows you and loves you and will stay with you always. And now, with Peter, my family is complete. Forever.

Monday, July 11, 2011


"small and simple things"

Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer buzzes

Growing up I remember my little brother always getting a summer buzz. We used to rub his head all day long! (We also really enjoyed peeling his weekly sunburns, but that's a whole other story) I'm not a fan of the way a buzz looks, but it sure is nice to have two less heads of hair to get done in the morning. Yesterday we did a really short buzz for both boys. Logan was crying when I started. "I don't like it mom. I really don't like it!" I felt bad, but I kept telling him I had to keep going. He was really upset until Brandon came up and we did the same thing to him. Now he likes it, but he doesn't like us rubbing his head. Luckily for us Brandon doesn't mind.

Lucky Seven!

Lindsay is now 7! I can't believe how fast time has gone by. She is such a joy to our family. She is the one who always always reminds us about scriptures, family prayer and family night. She NEVER forgets, and let me tell you on the nights we do and it's too late to do scriptures we really feel guilty!The day began with a fishing trip, she came home and we had a breakfast of german pancakes and eggs and ham. Then opening of the presents began! She got a pottery wheel, which was very popular with the whole family! The cake she wanted was "A Yellow Cake" I ke
pt asking what that meant and she just kept saying "a yellow cake". She helped make and decorate it. After lunch we headed over to Boondocks and had LOTS of fun. When that was over I was very very thankful that she wanted to go to Red Robin for dinner and I didn't have to cook or do dishes! She really wanted us to tell them it was her birthday, which we did. When they came to sing to her, she got pretty embarrassed, but really enjoyed it too. It was a grand day. I hope she had fun!

bumper boats. I can't believe how soaked they got!

at Red Robin. Sophie is a girl after my own heart. She couldn't get enough of the fries with Ranch Dressing!

yay for cake!


Memorial Day was supposed to be our fishing day, but because of the wind we didn't get a chance to go. Sooooooo early (like 5am) on Lindsay's birthday we got up to go fishing. Logan caught 2 fish (his very first 2!) and Lindsay caught 2. Brandon got lots of strikes, but didn't end up catching anything. We were really proud of him though because even though he was disappointed about it, he was still very excited for his brother and sister. They brought a few of the fish home and Brandon gutted one for the first time. It was hilarious! I took video of it, but didn't think I should put it up because of all the grossness involved. He said he never wanted to do that again!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Did you ever watch this show? Well, Shane and I both did and we both remember LOVING it! Shane found it streaming on Netflix and so we decided to see if our kids would like it. Boy, do they ever! Every night they ask to watch MacGyver. They play MacGyver now and Logan likes to be called "MacGyver". I told him one night, "goodnight MacGyver." He responded, "Goodnight Mrs. MacGyver." It's really funny.

MacGyver makes everyone happy! ;)

Our fun dad!

Brandon and Lindsay were able to go to "Bring You Child to Work Day" with their dad last week. They were SO SO SO excited! They got to miss school to be there. They had lunch, played games, designed websites, and to top it off Shane's company called the ice cream truck to come for an ice cream party at the end of the day. Talk about a hit with the kids! I never let the kids get icecream from our dang truck that starts coming around right and DINNERTIME (??? hello???) so they were thrilled about their treat!

Unfortunately this day was for kids who were 5 years old or older so Logan missed out, which believe me, he was really feelin' it. So Sophie and Logan and I went to a cute little cupcake shop in Boulder and then played on Pearl Street for a while.

That night, because he had earned 10 tracks and because we hoped to ease the pain of missing a day at work with dad, Shane took Logan out on a guy's night out. They went to McDonald's and then to the movie Rio. Logan came home all smiles and stories. It was nice to see that 3 out of 4 were able to have such a grand time with their dad!

Easter Bunnies

Our Easter was pretty low-key this year, which I was grateful for. I'm runnin' low on energy and was grateful we got invited to a small neighborhood easter egg hunt so I didn't have to find one. We had Easter baskets and our traditional Rabbit Cake, and colored eggs. Other than that, there weren't a lot of festivities around here.

One thing that surprised and delighted me was how well my kids treated each other as they were decorating eggs. "Oh man, Lindsay that one's great!", "Good job Brandon!" ,"Ah, sweet Logan!" .were the comments that filled the room as one child would proudly retrieve their egg out of the dye to show. It really made me very very happy.

This was actually taken the Sunday after Easter Sunday, but they all looked so great, I wanted to capture the moment. It was bright outside - can you tell by the squinting? We found an old suit of Brandon's that fit Logan and Logan was SO excited to wear it and "look like a man". Brandon was feeling jealous. He walked into our bedroom and said, "I would like to give you a demonstration. Here is a boy who looks stupid and ridiculous (pointing to himself). And HERE is a boy who actually looks very handsome (pulling Logan into the room). Do you see the difference?" In the beginning we were getting a kick out of it, but after about a half hour of insisting he looked horrible, we started getting upset and made him stand in front of a mirror telling himself he looked handsome. Eventually he gave up the moping and complaining about not having a suit. I just hope we don't have to go through that again when Logan wears his suit next week!

We love this time of year when we get to remember our Savior's great sacrifice for all mankind. We're so grateful for Him and for the breadth and depth of the Atonement and for the opportunity it gives us to become better individuals and a better family with eternal possibilities. We are indeed trying to be more like Him.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Still here....

Yes, the Gebs are still alive... barely. I've missed blogging and finally decided to sit down today to do a few posts. I'm not going to even try and play catch-up, but there were a few things that were important to me to share. Suffice it to say that since my last post we had Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Valetine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Spring Break - all of which were great. Kids got sick, kids got better, we had fun nights and hard nights. We've done lots with great friends and our loving family and had many nights with just us. AND I'm pregnant. This pregnancy has been difficult, but I'm almost done. I have very little energy and so this past few hours have been really wonderful for me. I think I will have to blog and scrapbook more towards the end of this pregnancy because it offers a GREAT disctraction, requires very little energy but also makes me feel productive and happy. So hopefully you'll be seeing more of the Gebs' before life gets turned upside down by our 5th child!

Hooray for visitors!

In February Shane's youngest sister came to visit. It had been a LONG time since we had seen her family and so we were really excited they came to stay for a few days. We were worried the weather and our kids being sick might keep them away, but the kids started feeling better, and the weather ended up being fine! Hooray! We headed down to Colorado Springs and toured some caves and Garden of the Gods. I really really liked Garden of the Gods and can't wait to go again. We hung out at home Sunday and then went to the zoo Monday. They are such a great family and their boys are hilarious so we really had a lot of fun with them! Plus we've been such party poopers that if any family wants to see us they've had to come here. I can't wait to feel like going out and traveling again after this munchkin is born. :)

Cave of the Winds (lots of fun, but kindof expensive and long for Sophie)
just the boys
the whole crew

1st Grade Showcase

Lindsay had her 1st grade showcase, "Once Upon a Time". She was SO excited for this day. She picked out her very best dress and was feeling very confident about how pretty she looked. After getting ready she was coming downstairs and I started to announce, "Here comes the..." she stopped me here and inserted, "the most beautiful girl in the world!" Another cute comment she made was, "Mom, I don't think my friends will even know what to say when they see me in this beautiful dress!" I have NEVER seen a child get so excited about something. She did a great job. She was always paying attention and seemed to know most of the words and all of the actions. We went out for ice-cream after. Sometimes I feel like she gets a little overlooked and so it was fun to have a night so special to her.

Everyone got a chance to quickly wave hello to their families. Lindsay is the very last person on the right side of the second row.

One of her special parts was doing the "boomwhacker" She did a great job. One of the only kids who actually stayed on beat more than half the time.