Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our fun dad!

Brandon and Lindsay were able to go to "Bring You Child to Work Day" with their dad last week. They were SO SO SO excited! They got to miss school to be there. They had lunch, played games, designed websites, and to top it off Shane's company called the ice cream truck to come for an ice cream party at the end of the day. Talk about a hit with the kids! I never let the kids get icecream from our dang truck that starts coming around right and DINNERTIME (??? hello???) so they were thrilled about their treat!

Unfortunately this day was for kids who were 5 years old or older so Logan missed out, which believe me, he was really feelin' it. So Sophie and Logan and I went to a cute little cupcake shop in Boulder and then played on Pearl Street for a while.

That night, because he had earned 10 tracks and because we hoped to ease the pain of missing a day at work with dad, Shane took Logan out on a guy's night out. They went to McDonald's and then to the movie Rio. Logan came home all smiles and stories. It was nice to see that 3 out of 4 were able to have such a grand time with their dad!


Melissa said...

What fun for everyone! Love the Shane's company brought in the ice cream truck - that's pure genius!