Tuesday, April 26, 2011

1st Grade Showcase

Lindsay had her 1st grade showcase, "Once Upon a Time". She was SO excited for this day. She picked out her very best dress and was feeling very confident about how pretty she looked. After getting ready she was coming downstairs and I started to announce, "Here comes the..." she stopped me here and inserted, "the most beautiful girl in the world!" Another cute comment she made was, "Mom, I don't think my friends will even know what to say when they see me in this beautiful dress!" I have NEVER seen a child get so excited about something. She did a great job. She was always paying attention and seemed to know most of the words and all of the actions. We went out for ice-cream after. Sometimes I feel like she gets a little overlooked and so it was fun to have a night so special to her.

Everyone got a chance to quickly wave hello to their families. Lindsay is the very last person on the right side of the second row.

One of her special parts was doing the "boomwhacker" She did a great job. One of the only kids who actually stayed on beat more than half the time.