Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Naughty AND Nice

Sophie. What can one say about this girl right now? She is destructive. She is kind. She breaks everything around her. She's sweet. I can't keep up with her! She will ask me to cuddle and "have a book". She's both naughty and nice. If it can be emptied, dumped out, ripped, broken Sophie will do it. And it's always on purpose. And she's not ashamed. "Sophie!!! Did you break this ornament?" She will always reply, "yes. Sorry mom." She has broken so many of our Christmas decorations this year!!! She's a destructive little tornado right now!! ON the other hand, she has been so sweet, and kind and thoughtful to everyone in the family. She'll bring drinks to people, give hugs and kisses and she's very obedient. What to do?? I just hope this stage of breaking everything around her will soon pass because in every other way she's just a joy.