Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hooray for visitors!

In February Shane's youngest sister came to visit. It had been a LONG time since we had seen her family and so we were really excited they came to stay for a few days. We were worried the weather and our kids being sick might keep them away, but the kids started feeling better, and the weather ended up being fine! Hooray! We headed down to Colorado Springs and toured some caves and Garden of the Gods. I really really liked Garden of the Gods and can't wait to go again. We hung out at home Sunday and then went to the zoo Monday. They are such a great family and their boys are hilarious so we really had a lot of fun with them! Plus we've been such party poopers that if any family wants to see us they've had to come here. I can't wait to feel like going out and traveling again after this munchkin is born. :)

Cave of the Winds (lots of fun, but kindof expensive and long for Sophie)
just the boys
the whole crew


Steph said...

Cave of the Winds is kind of expensive. I did find out that you get in free on your birthday, so we went a couple of years ago on my birthday and that made it affordable enough to go! Glad you guys had fun with family!