Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My current pain in the rear

This is the view outside my bedroom window. When they were building the street next to us, I thought THAT was bad, but it doesn't hold a candle to having it in your backyard. At first I didn't think anything could be as annoying as the "beep beep beeping" of all the machinery, but they are framing now and I think I might go crazy from the Spanish radio station blaring through my house from 7 am to 6-7pm and the "ham ham hammering " of all those workers! Luckily they seem to get houses up in about a month here so hopefully my sanity will be back in July!


estanworth said...

How about across the street and nowhere to park, because all the workers cars are lining the street on both sides. Not to mention trying to even drive the street.

My Angels said...

I think that you choose the right time to go on vacation! The worst was while you were gone. It was loud clear over here, and it sounded like they were tearing the house down, not building it!