Friday, May 16, 2008

So Fun!

I am so excited about hunting this book down and reading it! I found out about from blog hopping actually, but the quotes seem HALARIOUS! Read them below and tell me if you don't think this will be SO FUN to read!

"A lady knows the gym is her opportunity to get in shape. She should be focused on her workout and dress appropriately so she is not a distraction to others or even to herself as she jogs or does aerobic movements. A lady is careful to wear clothes that support her bust line and wears tights or shorts that are complimentary to her figure and functional at the same time. She doesn't use the gym for getting dates or catching up on the latest gossip. A lady knows that is she is serious at the gym, it will pay off."

"When a lady makes her way down a row in a crowded theater, she faces the people who are already in their seats. A lady never forces others to stare at her backside."

"A Lady knows when it is acceptable to eat the garnish."

"At a cocktail party or a seated dinner, if a lady discovers that she has put something unpleasant, or unpalatable, in her mouth she gets rid of it in the most efficient way possible. In most cases, she simply uses her fingers or her fork. She works quickly and does not even attempt to disguise her actions behind a napkin."

A lady does not crunch her ice."

"A lady does not raise her voice when angry. It is only proper to shout at someone when he or she is in danger or about to score a touchdown."

"A lady never mentions her monthly cramps, except to the closest of friends."


estanworth said...

That does sound fun. But I'm quite afraid of the things it says and if I am a "lady".

ThatsKarlWithaK said...

Great find! I love this kind of stuff. --Jen