Monday, June 30, 2008

A Must See Movie!!!

Friday night we went with the Hansen family to see Wall E. Oh my goodness!!!! We haven't had that much fun at the movies in a LONG time! This movie is fantastic! It has everything a good movie should have. It's funny, it's a great story, it's got WONDERFUL characters!!! I absolutely loved it.... so did everyone else. If you can get the family together and go, you won't be disappointed. It's really really great! Go see it!


Kathrin Paul said...

I'm glad you posted this review, because I wasn't sure I wanted to see it. . . but now I do!

Angela said...

It is pretty good! We had read the book together and so we had to see the movie! My youngest actally cried when it was over!

Corinne said...


We saw it too-- it was very well done. Very fun!