Friday, September 10, 2010

First Day of School 8/18/2010

Is it truly possible that he is in 4th grade? I mean, how could this have happened? Brandon is so excited about this year. He LOVES his teacher and I think is going to become an over-achiever just because he wants to make his teacher happy. He's doing really well. Already he has earned 10 tracks for his first reward of the year and was chosen by Mr. Johnson to be a representative from his class for the "First Friends". It's a group of kids who welcome new kids and their families to the school. He will give them tours of the school and if they are in his class befriend them. Proud of the little bugger.

Lindsay's in the 1st grade! Oh-me-oh-my! She was so excited this year to stay in school all day long! To get to have lunch at school and to participate in specials are the highlights. She loves school and was so excited for this day to begin. She's doing really well as well. She likes her teacher and is a really hard worker. She doesn't like to make mistakes and so always tries her very best with everything she does!
I'm excited that I no longer have to ride to school. Brandon and LIndsay do a good job to keep eachother safe. I was totally nervous the first time I sent Lindsay without me. She of course was exasperated. "Mom, it's not a big deal! I can do it!" she kept telling. And they do well... most of the time. Sometimes they come home right in the middle of a fight and that's always heavenly.....

Here's to another great year at a great school with great teachers!


Erica said...

Lindsay is so cute with those glasses and that haircut!! Hope you have a wonderful school.

Melissa said...

Happy school year! That shot of Lindsay is way precious.