Monday, September 20, 2010

The Adventure Raising Brandon

Brandon is one of a kind. Absolutely an original piece of work. It is really a wonderful thing being his mother. I love him very much. He is frustrating, love-able, kind, a great helper, and hilarious.
Here are some recent stories from my adventure of raising him.....

He is such a good brother. And for the most part he is thoughtful and likes playing with his little sisters and brother. Sometimes though, he likes playing with their emotions. The beginning of last week Brandon had Lindsay and Logan afraid to go to sleep. He was telling them about a bad dream he had in which the basilisk from Harry Potter was coming and he was screaming... trying to get everyone to cover their eyes. Him and dad were the only ones and so the basilisk was looking at everyone else killing them. Of course he saw the reaction and thought it was pretty neat so went farther farther into detail about how scary it was. I was so frustrated because it took 10 minutes to calm Lindsay and Logan down. After that I asked Brandon to only tell me or his dad about bad dreams.

Brandon has a REALLY bad habit (well, Lindsay does too actually) of leaving his bike behind the van. I can't tell you how many times I have been pulling out to go somewhere and have had to slam on the brakes before I run over bikes, scooters, toys or water bottles. Brandon never understood why it was so important for him to park his bike elsewhere. "Nothing ever happens!" or "It's not a big deal!" he would exclaim whenever we would get after him about it. Well finally, much to mine and Shane's dismay, something did happen. I was pulling out and Brandon's pegs got caught on the tire and totally ripped it open. ARGH! So $175 later I really hope Brandon has learned his lesson.

Another bad habit that runs rapid in our family is nose picking. I'm not sure how I raised Lindsay and Brandon to be such horrible nose pickers, but they are. Bad ones. It's gross. We've been really trying to break the habit. One afternoon I caught Brandon going to town.
"Brandon! For the love! Stop picking your nose!"
He looked at me for a second. "Mom, how do you stop picking your nose?"
"What do you mean how do you stop picking your nose? You take your finger out!"
"No, mom, I mean... it's so addicting! Do you think I have caffeine in my boogers? I just HAVE to pick my nose! It's kind of like I'm a smoker... I just can't stop!"
Oh boy! I was a goner! I was laughing so hard!

These are the highlights from just last week. At least I can be sure he'll always keep us on our toes!


Anna said...

That's a really good argument Brandon has there about picking the nose... LOL

Jen said...

Sophie licking the plate is prescious, and I love that Lindsay was upset at her fine restaurant manners. When Brandon figures out the picking solution, please have him share it with my boys.

Melissa said...

Priceless, that's all I can say. I love one-of-a-kind boys, I happen to have one myself. Makes for an interesting parenting ride, for sure!