Sunday, June 14, 2009

To the mountains!

So last Saturday we went outdoors for the first time since Sophie has been born. They place we were aiming for, Rainbow Trout Lake or something like that, was closed so we just took a small hike that led no where, but did have a teepee in the middle of the forest! It was a really fun discovery, especially for Brandon and Lindsay! They were absolutely convinced we had found an actual teepee used by Indians. It was great! And wouldn't you know our luck continued when a couple of other hikers offered to take a family picture. We had a lot of fun. The hike was super short, but it was nice to be outside as a family again. And the most important part I'm told by my husband, is that Logan had his "right of passage" and "relieved himself" in the woods for the first time. Go Logan!

Taking a little break by the stream.


Melissa said...

Family hikes are one of my all-time favorite things. What a cute family of 6 you are! Love the teepee discovery - super cool.