Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Laying Eyes"

About 3 weeks ago Brandon told me he did something really bad. I could tell he was upset by whatever it was, so after some prodding, he told me that he had a girlfriend.
"Really? So why does this upset you so much?"
"Mom! I'm like in the 2nd grade!! I shouldn't even be thinking about love and marriage!"

We finally came to the conclusion that he can like this little girl as long as he's not hanging out with only her at recess and as long as he promises he won't try to hug her, kiss her, or hold her hand.

So a few days ago he came home and said,

"Well, .... dumped me"
"Oh dear... why?" I asked trying not to laugh at the thought of him getting "dumped"
"Because I was passing her a note when I was supposed to be listening. And we both got in trouble and had to sit out at recess. That's when she dumped me"
"Oh. OK well maybe it's better since you're too young for girls anyway. "
"Brandon, I don't want you having anymore girlfriends, ok?"
"OK" then a minute later. "So, does that mean I shouldn't be laying eyes either?"
"Laying eyes?!?! What on earth is 'laying eyes'"?
"You know, like when you walk around recess looking for girls to love."
"Oh, yes no more laying eyes. Did you make that term up?"
Then he looks at me like I'm the most ridiculous person ever.
"No, that's what it's called"

Oh how I love my son! Hopefully he'll always be this open with me although something tells me not to count on it.


Melissa said...

Oh, that is PRICELESS! What a great story, thanks for sharing. Hopefully he's learned his lesson about laying eyes on girls. It'll only cause heartache ;)

Cami said...

How cute! Thanks for sharing - now I'll keep an eye out for those "sayings" from my little guy. He's only in Kindergarden, but I know that stuff is coming! I too hope he will be as open with me too.

Angie said...

That is just too darn adorable if you ask me!! He sounds like he is going to be a ladies man! hehe!!

The Rich Family said...

Oh my gosh, this has to be the cutest thing I have ever heard! I cannot believe your son talks so grown up!! I am so glad you shared this little story! It is adorable!!!

Anna said...

That's a great story. What a good little guy.

The Cox Family said...

LOL- that is priceless. Thank Brandon for bringing me "up to speed" with the new terminology for checking out chicks! :)