Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fire Station Fun

We visited the fire station last week with club SOS. It was tons of fun... Logan loved the trucks and my kids were not shy about asking questions! Sometimes I don't know where they came from because they are SO different from Shane and I. We are both kindof shy, but our kids really pull us out of our shell because they are the opposite... very outgoing and friendly! Anyways, we had a really fun time, the firemen were awesome.....WE LOVE OUR FIREMEN!


steph said...

Such cute kids! I I think Logan looks like Shane in this picture! Give them all a big squeeze and a kiss from their favorite Aunt!

Crazy Beth said...

So cute! Nate was a fireman for Halloween this past year and ever since his favorite game is "fireman" and we have to tell him what's on fire and he'll rescue us all. We love our firemen too! Yay!

Kathrin Paul said...

Your kids are so adorable! How fun! I have a crush on firemen.