Monday, October 12, 2009


Logan just LOVES this little girl! He is so funny

because for a long time he wouldn't ever admit to liking anyone else. We'd try to talk him into liking more than just one person "Well, you like.... so and so...." and he'd yell, "No! I love Sydney!" He named his hippopotamus after her and if you ever want to make him the happiest little boy ever just tell him "Sydney's coming over." When she does comes over.... LOOK OUT!! You can hear the screaming and excitement no matter where you are in the house. It is so cute and so fun! He has loved her for the past year or so and still thinks the world of her! And who can blame him? She is pretty dang adorable!


egebs said...

that's so sweet.

Melissa said...

He has good taste! Sydney is one of the cutest little things ever.