Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Random Fun!

The day after Thanksgiving we went to this park where there are all these industrial sculptures. It was really interesting and the kids loved playing with all the musical instruments. Best of all it's free! When we were finished there, we went and saw BOLT. The kids had a lot of fun with their cousins and we had fun with the aunts and uncles! :)

Logan's cousin Justin and their twin hair cuts!


The Cox Family said...

How fun! I've heard of that park but never gone. I think we'll have to check it out. Free is good! Wasn't it great we could be outside the day after Thanksgiving?!?

My Angels said...

I meant to ask when I saw you, is this the park up in Fort Collins? I looks fun!

melinda said...

cute blog look like u have been doing a lot of fun thing =}