Friday, November 14, 2008


Our dear friends are leaving tomorrow morning for Utah. Change is hard, but inevitable. I want to thank Corinne and her family for welcoming ours to this area. Corinne and I have had many good times together and our kids have had wonderful times together. In fact we sort of had a family melt down in the car on the way home after Kaedon and Brandon had their little good-bye. If there is any comfort in this move is that they are moving to Utah and so the good-bye is not forever... just a see you later!
To the Apeztiguias: we love you, we will miss you and we hope all goes well as you get settled into your new home. Good luck and we will see you soon!


The Rich Family said...

Hey Marie! Its your cousin Lisa! I'm sorry to hear that your good friends are moving away. Brad and I ended up moving from Utah to Chandler, Arizona about 7 months ago and it was hard to leave friends and family behind. Yeah, so we did not end up moving to Colorado after all. The job that Brad thought he had with his old friend did not work out after all. He ended up getting a job offer in AZ a couple months later though so it all worked out in the end. I wish we could have had the chance to live closer to you guys. I would love to be able to see you more often and for our kids to be able to play together! Brad and I are wanting to be pregnant again but no luck so far. Jacob is a lonely little boy. Congratulations on your new baby on the way!! How exciting! Is it a boy or a girl?

My Angels said...

Where are you?

Corinne said...

Maybe its a good thing I'm just now getting around to reading everyone's blogs! (or yours might have caused ME to have a meltdown.) :) I was so sad, I didn't want to say goodbye. I forgot to tell you that when Brandon said goodbye to Kaedon at school, he told him "Kaedon, I'm about to burst of tears!" We have missed you guys quite a bit! Missing friends has been the hardest part of our move.