Thursday, October 2, 2008

To Do List

Brandon created a "To Do" list for Shane and I.  Shane's is:

1. Wake up
2. Go to work
3.  Come home
4. Give Hug
5. Spend some time
6. Go to sleep

And this one is mine:
1. Take care.

I asked him, "take care of what?"  He said, "Us."  
Sounds good to me.


egebs said...

That is so cute. Give your kids a hug for me.

Crazy Beth said...

Kids are the best...they make it all worthwhile.

Anna said...

Awe, too cute.

Steph and Zach said...

Such a cute boy! I love you guys!

ThatsKarlWithaK said...

That's a pretty good description of your day--take care--I love it! --Jen