Monday, August 4, 2008


On the 31st my oldest, Brandon, turned 7!!! Is it really possible that I have a SEVEN year old?!?!? We had a really fun day. He got up really early to go fishing with his dad where he got stung twice and didn't catch any fish. He came home and told me that so far, it was the worst birthday ever. After a breakfast of donuts, he got to open his presents and found out that he was getting a hamster. Well of course the day quickly turned into the BEST birthday ever. We went to the pet store and chose a Blueberry Dwarf Hamster. IT was love at first sight. Brandon decided to name him Blueberry and call him Blue or Little Blue. Later that night after dinner, we went to the park and had cake and icecream with some friends. I sure hope he had a good birthday!

Brandon at two months old

opening presents from grandma and grandpa... he loved getting all those packages! (yes that IS a mohawk. He got to have one for 3 days and he just loved it!)

this is Little Blue

Brandon "blowing" out his candles.... it was too windy to light them!


Kathrin Paul said...

Let me guess. . . are you preggers with quadruplets? That would be fun, huh.

Steph and Zach said...

I love the mohawk! And way to go on the cake! You are a regular 'ole professional!

Kathrin Paul said...

Ok, #1, I love the mohawk rules. #2, I can't believe he is that old! What a cutie! and #3, remember how my first comment went up before the rest of the post did? I think it just said "Seven. . .I can't believe. . ." so I guessed what it would be. Nobody looking at this would know it. Welcome to my world of uncommunicatability. I don't think that is even a word.