Wednesday, April 16, 2008

His Masterpiece

Logan has discovered drawing! More importantly... drawing on the walls! The other day he drew on our computer screen, the oven door and the sliding glass door. When Lindsay saw the door she began wiping the marker off. Logan noticed what she was doing and ran over screaming, "NNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" He DID NOT want her messing up his creation! We finally persuaded him to clean it off himself, now the door is blank awaiting Logan's next masterpiece!

Another quick funny story:
Brandon was telling me about two of his friends who decided to get married.
"Ooooo," I said, "Did you ask if you could be invited?"
"Oh mom," Brandon said exasperatedly "I would never ask such a disgusting question like that."


Celular said...
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My Angels said...

I love that your picture is of him cleaning the masterpiece, rather than OF the masterpiece! He is so dang cute, I don't how you could get mad. How cute was Lyndsay for seeing there was trouble and trying to fix it! Love the your kids and fun stories you share!