Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sleep Walking

One of the most interesting things to me is the sleep walking phenomena. I used to do it when I was little. I remember hearing some of the funniest stories of me rushing down to my mom telling her she needed to make me lunch because I was going to be late for school, or going into my brother's room and turning the light on and off really fast. Well, I think this strange habit has carried on to my son. Just now, while I was working on my FHE packet (will it get done? Probably at 6:59 next Thursday night) when Brandon came walking downstairs and turned on the tv. At first I thought maybe he thought it was morning time, but when I asked him what he was doing, he said, "I need to get some of that dirt." Then he walked back upstairs and climbed into bed. I followed him and asked him if he was ok, he didn't respond but as I was leaving he said, "Mom, will you get me some of that stuff?" "What stuff?" "That stuff." I said, "Brandon, I don't know what you are talking about." "I just need that stuff!" This continued on for a minute and I stopped talking to see if he would just go back to sleep. He did... immediately. How do you tell if someone is sleepwalking? I think that's what it was, but who can tell for sure? I'm okay with sleepwalking just as long as he doesn't get those night terrors. My brother and sisters had those and they are scary for the person involved and the one who is awake trying to get the other to wake up! But anyways, it'll be funny to have a sleepwalker in the family.


steph said...

Ha ha that is so funny! i love that "I need to get some of that dirt"! I was just barely telling Zach the other day about our night terrors. Crazy!

Corinne said...


I STILL sleepwalk occasionally. Lifelong problem, I guess. It does provide entertainment for everyone else, though! (and I've never hurt myself)