Monday, December 10, 2007


If you have been reading my blog, you know that I lost the pictures of Thanksgiving and of Logan's birthday!! Well, happy day! My hero of a husband restored everything good as new!!! I have all my pictures back and it just made my night!!! So here are the pictures I wanted to share.

This first one is of Brandon at Thanksgiving. He just HAD to have the drumstick so we let him! When I was a kid, my grandpa ALWAYS got the drumstick no matter how much we begged, and this year, I wish he could have been, but my grandpa wasn't with us and no one else really wanted it. So even though it felt worong to me, we let Brandon eat it and he sure enjoyed it!
Now for Logan's birthday! He LOVES cars so we had a car theme. He was so cute... he was afraid of his candle so here is Logan crawling away from his cake for Grandma to save him! Also one of him enjoying one of his gifts and eating his birthday cake... which he wasn't that sure about. He would grab it, squish it between his fingers and then try to get it off his hands by flailing them all about. ( I am still finding remnants of that cake)

And finally I wanted to post of my three cute kids playing at my sister's wedding while we were waiting for pictures to be done.

thank you thank you thank you my dear Shane for restoring all of our pictures!