Friday, November 30, 2007

Did you ever have one of those days?

Did you ever have one of those days when everything you tried to do went wrong? Yesterday was one such day for me! I was doing laundry and shrinked one of my favorite sweaters because I absent-mindedly put it in the dryer. I baked some pumpkin bread (a family favorite) and burned it because somehow I set the temperature to 420 to bake for an hour instead of 350. And finally the worst mistake of all.... I was attempting to update my blog with pictures of Thanksgiving and Logan's first birthday and our computer started freezing up and I lost everything! Off the camera... off the computer!!! SCREAM!! I am having anxiety just remembering it all! I can live with a shrunken sweater and burned pumpkin bread, but how in the world can I not have pictures of Logan's first birthday?!?!?!??! Well, Shane said he might be able to get them back.... might be able to get them back... MIGHT. I sure hope so... everyone cross your fingers for us!
frustrated mom


Anna said...

Poor Marie! I know what you mean. What a horrible day. :)

If you did loose all those photos, have you considered throwing another birthday party so you can take new ones? (Maybe each kid gets a cupcake with a candle so no one gets jealous). Khee hee.

The Cox Family said...

I'm so sorry about your pictures! That is the worst! It's happened to me before and i cried! :(